Captivating Water Fountains & Convenient Metal Detectors

Enhance the aesthetic quality of your pond by adding water fountains. Toms Fish Ponds in St. Augustine, Florida, offers fountains in different sizes from tabletop fountains to more elaborate ones such as wall fountains.

Metal Detectors

Aside from fountains and supplies, we also sell metal detectors in kiddie to adult sizes. Metal detectors help you look for jewelry, coins, and other items dropped in the water. We offer low-end to high-end brands for sale and rental, including:

• Tesoro™ • Bounty Hunter™ • XP DEUS™


• Interstate™ • Delco™

 Batteries for cars, trucks and any type of equipment

 All electronic remotes

If its made we can get it for you!

Contact us in St. Augustine, Florida to buy water fountains that make your pond extra charming and metal detectors
to help you locate lost valuables.