Vibrant-Colored Live Fish

One of the few providers of live fish in St. Augustine, Florida, Toms Fish Ponds sells healthy fish for both indoor and outdoor freshwater ponds. They are attractive additions to your pond and help control the growth of harmful organisms such as mosquito larvae and plant pests. Fish help fertilize aquatic plants and provide them with carbon dioxide.

Koi Fish - Live Fish

Live Fish:

• Koi • Goldfish • Tilapia

Size of the Pond

When building a fish pond, there are many design details to consider. One of the most important factors to consider is its size. Many enthusiasts always seem to regret not building a bigger pond to accommodate a larger number of fish when they decide to add more in time. Therefore, consider how many fish you are willing to keep and stick to that number if you want to keep a small pond.

Danger of Small Animals

Small animals like raccoons and cats are the most common predators of pond fish. If you have pets or you live in a neighborhood where these animals can easily enter the premises, think twice before building your pond.


Some fish require lots of shade for them to thrive. Plan the type of vegetation you will plant to keep your fish in good condition.

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