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Plants & Filters

Pond plants complement the existence of fish to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Toms Fish Ponds also provides supplies to keep the water clean.

Fish & Fish Food

There's nothing more peaceful than the sight and sound of a garden full of colorful live fish. Maintain a healthy ecosystem for this awesome life form.

Water Fountains

Beautify your ponds with elegant water fountains. Our charming fountains help circulate water and contribute to the cleanliness of your pond.

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Who We Are

Pond enthusiasts will surely be delighted with the large selection of pond supplies from Toms Fish Ponds in St. Augustine, Florida. We sell fish, filters, fountains, plants, and metal detectors for your yard's focal point. With more than 10 years of delivering top-of-the-line products and supplies, Toms Fish Ponds adds a new dimension to your home's landscape by providing you with all your needs. We also have great connections in the fishing industry check out

Contact us in St. Augustine, Florida for pond supplies that allow you to maintain the good condition and idyllic appearance
of your outdoor or indoor pond.